For the User

Comfortable All Day. Our plastic wheelchairs incorporate FormFold seating technology, giving you 24/7 comfort through perfectly-proportioned, solid, contoured seats. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of proper posture and weight distribution without needing a separate seating system. And, Merlexi Craft lightweight manual wheelchairs have removable, positionable armrests and footrests, and a series of innovative backrest options, guaranteeing you absolute comfort.

Stylish Wherever You Go. You don’t have to be in a wheelchair that looks like a hospital bed on wheels! Merlexi Craft custom wheelchairs offer a modern, high-tech design and are available in a rainbow of colors.

For the base, choose from: redblueyellowgreen | black

then select any fabric you want for the back! Now you can express your individual style and personality with flair while you enjoy a comfortable wheelchair.

Saving Money Every Year. Merlexi Craft custom wheelchairs are economical, making the convenience of the ultra lightweight manual wheelchairs available for a fraction of the cost of specialty metal chairs. Plus, the synthetic resin construction of our plastic wheelchairs is amazingly durable, testing to over 30 years of use at The Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, School of Health and Rehabilitation Services, University of Pittsburgh. That means no more costly repairs and replacements.

For the Caregiver

Safety on the Go. Merlexi Craft lightweight wheelchairs have patented ergonomic handle grips designed to give you greater maneuverability with more ease and less strain. You’ll be able to maintain a comfortable hold and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrists. Plus, your elbows will be kept close to your body, preventing injury and giving you greater strength and control. Because the handle grips are non-detachable, you and the individual in the wheelchair are more secure on stairs and hills, giving you both peace of mind.

Safety in the Home. Transferring individuals from regular wheelchairs to waterproof wheelchairs is fraught with danger on the wet, tiled floors common to most bathrooms. Both people can be seriously injured in the event of a slip or a fall. All the Merlexi Craft lightweight wheelchairs are completely waterproof, allowing you to wheel the chair directly into the shower or even submerge it completely. Our high-strength resin construction is rust resistant, and it dries quickly and completely, removing any chance of unsanitary mold or mildew.

Safety on the Road. In contrast to standard chairs that weigh 37-52 pounds, the Liberty I lightweight wheelchairs are 34 pounds and the Liberty II ultra-light wheelchairs weigh in at 29 pounds with quick release wheels that break the chair down even further to just 19 pounds. Both wheelchairs fold easily to approximately 13 inches, making transportation simple, easy and safe.

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