Merlexi Craft manual wheelchairMerlexi CraftTM came to our rescue when my wife became a little unsteady on her feet. She loves to go places and following our grandchildren to their school and sporting events has given us so much pleasure that we would have otherwise missed.

Rose’s chair is very lightweight and it takes only a few moments to place it in and out of our car so that we can be off and running at the drop of a hat. We also get a lot of compliments on the chair! It is fun and we like to have people ask us about it. It sure has been a conversation starter. We just love it!

Charles and Rose Satterthwait




Mr. and Mrs. Hughes in the park using the manual wheelchair



I have only one question: “Why has it taken so long for someone to invent this terrific wheelchair?”

Mrs. Joanne Hughes



Shopping while in a manual wheelchair


“I love to shop but I hate to depend on other people to get me there. My Merlexi Craft goes in and out of tight spaces, I can have lunch at the food court and squeeze through sales aisles. So, whether I’m shopping at the mall or the grocery store, I’m really comfortable and confident.”

Anne Abbott





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