Merlexi Craft Lightweight Manual Wheelchair: A Perfect Fit for Seniors

For the User

Are you frustrated with traditional wheelchairs?

Tired of the pressure sores and back pain that come from out-of-shape sling seats?

Are you fed up with the cost of constant repairs and replacements?

Merlexi Craft lightweight manual wheelchairs can change every aspect of your life – for the better! Allowing you to enjoy mobility like never before. With our Merlexi Craft plastic wheelchairs you will be:

  1. Comfortable All Day
  2. Stylish Wherever You Go
  3. Saving Money Every Year

For the Caregiver

Are you caring for a wheelchair bound senior?

Does transporting a heavy, metal chair for a shopping trip tire you?

Our manual wheelchairs can help you take care of your senior with ease:

  1. Safety on the Go
  2. Safety in the Home
  3. Safety on the Road

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